Instructions/ Part-time employment

You may be entitled to adjusted allowance if you work part-time. This means no more than 80 per cent of the maximum working hours agreed for your sector.

Apply for allowance either for a period of four calendar weeks or one calendar month, depending on your salary period.

If the duration of your part-time employment contract is two months or more, you may also be entitled to mobility allowance.

Employment lasting more than two weeks with more than 80 per cent of the maximum working hours is considered full-time. During such employment periods you are not entitled to adjusted allowance. You can apply for allowance until the last day preceding your full-time employment.

Applying for earnings-related allowance

  • Register as a jobseeker at the TE Office
    • Do this on your first day of unemployment at the latest. Earnings-related allowance can only be paid for periods during which you are registered as a jobseeker.
    • Inform the TE Office of all business activities, including forestry or agriculture, and possible studies. You also need to notify the TE Office if you receive informal care support or family care fees.
    • You can register as a jobseeker using the E-Services on TE Office’s website.
  • Fill in an application for earnings-related allowance
    • You can submit your application via Ewertti or regular mail. Applications submitted via eWertti are processed faster than those sent via regular mail.
    • If it has been less than six months since you last received allowance, you can use eWertti’s editable follow-up application. In other cases, fill in an earnings-related allowance application.
    • Submit an editable follow-up application for the same period for which you receive your salary. If you receive your salary once a month, apply for allowance respectively.
      • If you receive your salary every two weeks, you should apply for allowance in periods of four calendar weeks.
      • If you are uncertain of your application period, feel free to contact the unemployment fund via telephone or Ewertti
    • List all working days and hours in your application (statement: employed). Make sure that your working hours match your payslip and employment contract. Remember that your working hours need not include unpaid lunch breaks, for example.
      • You also need to list the hours for which you receive sick leave pay (statement: sick) or holiday pay (statement: holiday). If you do not know what your holiday pay is based on, please ask your payroll accountant for further information.
      • If you work overtime, list all overtime hours in your application.
      • State all possible unpaid working days in your application.
      • Inform the unemployment fund of possible standby hours. You can do this via Ewertti
    • List actual hours and minutes, do not convert them to decimals. The fund needs to check anything that does not match existing information. This will slow down the payment process.
    • You have to apply for the allowance within 3 months of the day of which you wish it to be paid.

    Fill in your application with care and make sure the application period is sufficiently long. Your application will not be processed any faster if the application period is too short.

  • Submit all necessary attachments

    Salary information

    The unemployment fund receives salary information via the Incomes Register. We use this information to process applications for earnings-related allowance whenever possible.

    If we do not receive all necessary information via the Incomes Register in order to process an application, we will request further attachments from payroll accountants or applicants themselves. An attached pay certificate may speed up the processing of an application and save us the time of waiting for further information. Decisions are made based on information received via the Incomes Register whenever possible. Payslips or pay certificates attached to an application are used only when this information is inadequate.

    Additional attachments

    • A copy of your part-time employment contract
    • Separate lists for working hours in case you have more than one employer

    If you claim other benefits or have any business activities, please submit the following attachments

    • A copy of the decision on other social benefits, e.g. partial disability pension
    • A copy of your latest confirmed tax decision, if you have part-time business activities. Remember to inform the TE Office of such activities.

    You can submit attachments to your application via Ewertti or regular mail.

  • Check the status of your application
    • Applications are processed in the order in which they arrive
    • You can easily check the status of your application in Ewertti
    • Check the general processing status of applications at the bottom of the page

In case we need further information to process your application, we will try to contact you by telephone (010 190 300). If we do not reach you, we will send you a letter or message via Ewertti.

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